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Bridget Fiske

Associate Director. Curator

From an in-depth and rigorous foundation in Choreography, Dance, and Movement, Bridget’s responsive practices and work expands to working in and with Theatre, Film, Digital Technologies, Writing, Visual Design, and Music. Bridget’s practices engage closely with people and organisations to generate strategies for empowerment and change-making which is specific and meaningful to the people, and the environment the work impacts. As a multi-faceted Artist Bridget works as a: Director, Choreographic Director, Movement Director, Performer, Collaborator, Curator and Producer, Facilitator and Teacher, Rehearsal Director, and Mentor.


A selection of recent projects & work from Bridget’s portfolio includes:


  • Choreographer & Performer on ‘Iron Butterflies’ a full-length Ukrainian hybrid documentary investigating multiple layers around the downing of MH17 in Eastern Ukraine in 2014. Official selection: Sundance 2023 and Berlin International Film Festival 2023.


  • Since 2012, creating and touring around the world urgent productions with Belarus Free Theatre and its Directors Natalia Kaliada and Nicolai Khalezin as Choreographic, Movement, & Rehearsal Director, including, ‘Burning Doors’ (listed in the New York Times 'Best Theatre of 2017' and Winner 'Best Ensemble' Off West End Awards), 'Trash Cuisine’ (winner 2013 Impacto Total Award), 'Red Forest’, 'Counting Sheep: Staging A Revolution’ (Vault Festival London 2019 headline production), and ‘Trustees’, Melbourne International Festival and Malthouse.


  • Co-Creator/Co-Director/Co-Choreographer/Co-Producer and Performer of ‘They Gather’, an independent international multi-modal project (AUS/NL/UK).


  • Director & Movement Director on the research & development (2021) of writer Keisha Thompson’s new play ‘The Bell Curves' 


  • Working in collaboration with Wahab Shah (Pakistan) as Co-Artistic Director of ‘On The Hour: Dance Kahanyan’ supported through The British Council PK UK season 2022: New Perspectives


  • ‘The Correspondents’, a digital moving image research project. Co-Created by Bridget Fiske & Roman Liubiy (Ukraine). Supported by the European Union under the House of Europe.


  • Working with Amy Voris on creating and performing an adaptation of the solo 'perch'.

"Occasionally, the screen goes to black and white, and what seconds ago was simple footage is revealed as reenactment. And not even simply that, that probes the underlying themes - complicity, terror, loss. It is wordless exposition, simple and powerful..."

- Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle on 'Iron Butterflies'. Fiske's role, Choreographer and Lead Performer - 

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