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Tariq's current work entails studious approaches to cosmology, theology, and linguistics as he attempts to understand both his faith and his limits. Although his expressions currently take the form of sounds and music, he is versed in most time-based media and has presented his work internationally at festivals and symposia. He is currently chasing a feeling that involves comparative linguistics of Arabic and Greek as well as exploring the mystical language of the Qu’ran through drums, voice, and text.


2018-9: Sufi in the City (with Sarah Sayeed and Bridget Fiske) – multi-media installation and performance

2017: The Politics of Paradise (TBM Reloaded) – performance

2017: The Hornblowers – fixed-media composition (stereo)

2017: We Are All Losers pt. 2 – digital video

2016: We Are All Losers pt. 1 – digital video

2016: The Opinion Matrix – performance

2015: WSP-YSP – online multi-media solo exhibition

2015: Wensleydale 24-hour – fixed media composition (ambisonic)

2014: ÜberVHS – sculpture

2014: Preliminary Notes on the Yorkshire Soundscape Project – fixed media composition (ambisonic)

2013: Avignon OFF’13 – fixed media composition (binaural stereo)

2012: TBM Revisited... Time Based Media at Maidstone 1972 – 2012: – VHS tape

2012: TBM feat. 16mm, 8mm, Beta, U-Matic, VHS, Super VHS, Laserdisc, Laptop – performance

2012: Places: Binaural Phonographies – fixed-media compositions (binaural stereo)

Exhibition, Presentation, and Residence


2018: Soundcamp for Reveil 2018 (as part of International Dawn Chorus Day), Lake District

2017: The Yorkshire Soundscape Project, Balance/Unbalance 2017: University of Plymouth

2017: Artist’s presentation, Sound+Environment 2017, University of Hull

2017: Artist’s presentation, ISEA 2017 / XVI International Image Festival, Manizales, Colombia

2017: Soundcamp in Ravenglass for Reveil 2017 (as part of International Dawn Chorus Day)

2017: The Yorkshire Soundscape Project, The Sound of Memory Symposium, Goldsmiths, London

2017: Study Retreat with Ain Bailey, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge

2016: REACT residency (artist & engineer), Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

2016: Notes on the Yorkshire Soundscape Project, Balance/Unbalance 2016, Manizales, Colombia

2015: The Six-O’clock News directed by Daniel Bye, Northern Stage, Newcastle

2015: WSP-YSP, online solo exhibition at

2015: Notes on the Yorkshire Soundscape Project, Network Ecologies Symposium, University of Hull

2015: Notes on the Yorkshire Soundscape Project, ERMITES15, Université de Toulon, Toulon, France

2014: Resounding Mulgrave, Dictionary of Stone, Rotunda Museum, Scarborough

2013: The Philosophy of Binaural Music, Symposium of Acoustic Ecology, University of Kent

2013: Avignon Off ’13 broadcasted live on Intermission: An Audio Portrait of Place, collaboration

between Jennie Savage and Echoes, Portugal

2013: Avignon Off ’13 broadcasted live on MEZIUCHY/BetweentheEars festival, Czech Republic

2013: A Concert for Artificial and Human Voices (with Scarborough Electroacoustic Laptop Ensemble),

Creative Speech Technology Network, Articulate road show, Scarborough

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